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H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji | | An Opportunity to Serve and Sacrifice to Make a Self Reliant and New India
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An Opportunity to Serve and Sacrifice to Make a Self Reliant and New India

Aug 14 2020

An Opportunity to Serve and Sacrifice to Make a Self Reliant and New India

Every day I am reminded of the sacrifices our soldiers make on the borders of the nation, protecting our security and comfort at the expense of their own.

While on 15 August and on other special occasions we proudly remember their offerings and salute their commitment, I often think that we can do much more every day to express our gratitude.

In many ways we are privileged to be born in this sacred land; its spiritual heritage and richness bring yoga, meditation, peace and so many other gifts to so many. However, with privilege also comes responsibility.

Each of us has a responsibility to make our actions, words and thoughts be grounded and rooted in the intention to make a Better India – a Self Reliant and New India – an India that stands proud of its non-material and material wealth, our intangible and tangible heritage.

Often, we take our services or our jobs as merely an activity to put food on the table or pay our bills but actually we must recognize that with every action — whether educating children, building roads, treating the ill or providing countless services to the people of this country — we have opportunities to create a better Bharat for all. Especially, in times of Covid-19 our frontline workers – our Corona Warriors- whether in the field of healthcare, sanitation, security and other necessary services are showing us how our actions — our duty — can be our dharma, transforming work to divine seva.

There is a beautiful story of a man who happens to be walking by a site where there is a lot of construction taking place for a new temple and sees multiple people doing different tasks. When he asks the architect what he is doing he replies, “I am making the blue print of the temple.” When he asks the guys doing the excavation and leveling the land they reply. “We are leveling the land where the temple is to be constructed.” When he asks the sculptors they reply, “we are making the idols that will be placed inside the temple.” When he finally reaches a labourer carefully picking out stones in the hot sun, for hours on end, for the pathways of the temple, the humble but wise labourer replies with a glimmer in his eyes and a smile on his sweat ridden face, “I am making a temple.”

This is such an apt example as our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi serves tirelessly and selflessly to restore and rebuild our Nation Temple each one us must have this state of mind that we too are offering our humble but sincere contributions to the momentous undertaking. Each of our activities and actions is an integral and important part of the whole. We are just a small part of the divine plan but we must selflessly serve, offering our 100%, with a clear vision of the bigger picture and an attitude of humble offering to something that is large and of great value. This mindset is the key to a truly Atmanirbharat!

Therefore whether we sweep the roads, stitch masks, construct a road, nurse a patient or educate a child, all of us have countless opportunities to contribute to a better more self-reliant Bharat. When we cultivate and work tirelessly with this attitude then our duty becomes our dharma, and that is the greatest way we can offer our gratitude to the freedom fighters, to our forefathers, to our soldiers and to the countless many who put their lives on the line so that we can live in a secure, free, resilient and strong Bharat.

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