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Jan 30 2015

Rishikesh Animal Rescue Project

The first Rishikesh Animal Rescue Project is now underway, bringing together trained and talented Veterinarians from Russia, coordinated by Animal Liberty organization based in Siberia, with volunteers from the community, hosted and supported by the Divine Shakti Foundation (DSF), founded by Pujya Swamiji. The goal of the project is to bring “ABC” (Animal Birth Control) or “family planning” options – spaying and neutering – to the dogs in the Rishikesh area, a service which until now has been wholly unavailable for the dogs here. In addition to providing “family planning” procedures...

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Jan 25 2015

Conclave of Bishops Discuss WASH and Climate Change in Kerala

During the International Conference on Climate Change and the Developing World at the CMS College in Kerala, sponsored by UGC and organized in association with the Church of South India Synod and Nilackal Ecological Commission, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati led the renowned archbishops and bishops in a pledge to take care of our water bodies, to keep them clean and protect them, and also to work for sanitation and hygiene. Pujya Swamiji emphasized that we have built enough churches and enough temples for now, and that now...

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Jan 19 2015

World Toilet Summit

At the World Toilet Summit in Delhi — attended by several senior cabinet ministers and representatives of dozens of multinationals, NGOs and international gov’t organizations dedicated to bringing about a sanitation revolution, Pujya Swamiji pledged to build a toilet complex at Ajmer Dargah Sharif with Shri Dewan Sahib, a huge move in not only sanitation but in interfaith joining of hands for the betterment of society. Pujya Swamiji said, “Meditation and sanitation should go hand in hand.” Sadhvi Bhagawatiji spoke about the role of religion and faith in the sanitation solution and...

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Jan 16 2015

Pujya Swamiji Graces Khjrana Ganesh Utsav in Indore

Pujya Swamiji was invited as the Chief Guest at a special ‘Khjrana Ganesh Utsav’ in Indore organized by Bunty Sharma and his family. During His short but highly anticipated visit, Pujya Swamiji spoke to the thousands of faithful devotees the importance of not only worshiping the Creator but also serving the creation,especially the five elements that make up our world. He shared that today due to pollution of our water ways, our air and massive deforestation and unsustainable development our sacred and precious planet Earth is suffering and so are millions...

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Jan 10 2015

Hon’ble President of Guyana Meets Pujya Swamiji

Pujya Swamiji met with the His Excellency Donald Ramotar, the Hon’ble President of the Republic of Guyana at Gandhi Nagar Gujarat University during a meeting organized by Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO). Pujya Swamiji deeply motivated all of the participants with the slogan and message ‘My Dil (heart) for India. My Will for India.’ He said that the time was right now to not only ‘Make In India’ but also to ‘Make India,’ by giving their time, talent, technology and tenacity to ensure that India could provides basic...

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Jan 01 2015

New Year Blessings: Keep Moving Towards the Light – Grow Those Wings & Fly

At this beautiful time of the New Year, it is the time when most people pray that the New Year will be easier, better, more successful than the year which has passed. However, at this time when we pray and make our own resolutions, it is so important to remember the ultimately the purpose of our lives is not just to have things be as easy as possible, nor to be as successful and/or prosperous as possible. The point of our lives is to realize our own true divine nature,...

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Dec 29 2014

Importance of Education

Pujya Swamiji talks about the importance of education and how girls are being exploited because they have no education. If there is a need, we should help them, but in return we should not have any tag or any label or any other agenda. He also reminds us how our happiness should not be measured by success. Our success should be measured by happiness....

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Dec 29 2014

Make God your Centre

Pujya Swamiji reminds us that the true path to happiness is to make God the centre of our life. We might run in circles to look for happiness through movies, holidays or alcohol, but the only way to achieve pure happiness is through God. He also reminds us to keep God in the centre of our lives and not to forget about Him after going to the temple. We are the key to our own happiness and it is our decision what the priority is from our life....

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Dec 24 2014

Pujya Swamiji Speaks at Event for Aastha Kunj: An Oasis of Interfaith Harmony

On the auspicious birthday of Respected Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji and Mahamana Pt Madan Mohan Malaviyaji, Pujya Swamiji lauded the Government of India, led by the able leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji, in honouring these visionary and patriotic souls with the prestigious Bharat Ratna Award. Pujya Swamiji especially wished Respected Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji a long, healthy and happy life and one that continues to be dedicated to the welfare of the nation. He spoke about His wonderful memory of Shri Vajpayeeji’s presence at the contract signing ceremony...

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