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Feb 10 2022

Key to leading a meaningful life

Pujya Swamiji tells us the key to leading a meaningful life by living what we know and by starting now with whatever we have. He says sometimes we read so much and accumulate so much knowledge about how to live and how not to live but never actually get around to applying it. ...

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Feb 09 2022

Seva & Karma Yoga is the key to breaking free from the cycle of birth and death

”Seva & Karma Yoga is the key to breaking free from the cycle of birth and death. Take Hanumanji’s divine example of absolute devotion and surrender wherein his every action, every karma, was but an offering to Bhagawan Ram - that is how we must walk on the path of Yoga, striving to make that our ideal. Offering every breath, every thought, every action and every moment to the Divine. Becoming just a tool in God’s hand.” shares Pujya Swamiji. Watch, share and love His inspiring words of wisdom....

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Feb 05 2022

“Role of Religious Leaders in Fostering Inclusive and Peaceful Societies in India” Webinar

On the auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchami and during the ongoing Interfaith Harmony Week, we are so glad to share with you this special webinar on the ‘Role of Religious Leaders in fostering inclusive and peaceful societies in India,’ organized jointly by the United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention, Global Interfaith WASH Alliance and the Religions for Peace. This webinar brought together religious leaders and actors from India to discuss and reflect upon their role in building and sustaining a harmonious, inclusive and peaceful societies. It discussed how the pandemic...

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Feb 03 2022

Selfless Service is Seva

Pujya Swamiji so beautifully shares that when we do seva, we must remember that we may be the sevak, but it is God inside us who is doing all the work. We must be thankful to that God for choosing us to do that work. परम पूज्य स्वामीजी ने बड़ी ही सहजता से बताया है कि जब हम सेवा करते हैं तो हमें याद रखना चाहिये कि हम सेवक हैं, किन्तु हमारे अंदर जो प्रभु अन्तर्निहित है वही सब कार्य कर रहा है। हमें ईश्वर के प्रति कृतज्ञ होना चाहिये कि...

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Feb 02 2022

See The Divine In All

After spending years in solitude and meditation in the jungle, HH Param Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji - Muniji was looking for the advanced course…the next step on His spiritual journey. And, His guru was only too happy to let Him know what that next step was: "The advanced course is now" His guru said, "Whom you have seen in the jungle in many forms…you have seen that same divine in one corner, meditating upon Him, now see the same divine in all, and serve them all as divine. Realize what...

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Jan 31 2022

Musical Monday : A Guru Vandana

Though we chant the powerful and evocative "Hey Mere Gurudev" mantra to God each morning at Parmarth, it is also one that we offer to our divine Guru, HH Param Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji - Muniji since - just as when we sing it to God - we ask for His love and compassion as we face the day: You are the only one in my heart and my thoughts. You are the one who I call out to. Now Make me your instrument…all I am I offer to you. Such was...

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Jan 29 2022

We should become a Guard of Mother Ganga

"गंगा पापं शशी तापं दैन्यं कल्पतरुस्तथा । पापं तापं च दैन्यं च घ्नन्ति सन्तो महाशया: ॥🙏 The holy waters of Maa Ganga🌊 brings us both life and liberation. Maa Ganga is not only National Heritage but World Heritage! We have been the problem let us be the solution -- we should become a guard of mother Ganga....

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Jan 27 2022

How to Maintain Good Relations in Life?

Just like Ganga has no meaning without water similarly life has got no meaning without relations. Relations are indeed important in life but there should be life in relations. When people in relationships understand each other, they truly experience peace in the process and that’s what helps relations grow to the fullest and peace is manifested. Choice is ours whether we want to live in peace or in pieces. Watch Pujya Swamiji's video to understand how to make relations bloom....

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Jan 27 2022

Message on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

"Never again…" declares HH Param Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji - Muniji on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day. "Never again can we forget that we are all Brothers and Sisters on this Earth. Never again can we forget that all souls are part and parcel of the Divine - that we are all drops in the Divine, Universal ocean. "Nowhere in our Scriptures does it say that any group is superior to the others. Nowhere does it say that some drops are more divine than others. All of His creation is universally...

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