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Sep 09 2016

Selfless Service: Give more, want less

This article was published in The Speaking Tree, here. The key to removing the ‘want’ from our lives is to give more, serve more and sacrifice more. One of the most common Hindu rituals is a yagna fire.Devotees sit in a circle around the sacred fire and place offerings into the flames.With each offering, after each mantra, the priest chants, idam namamah. This means, ‘Not for me,but for You’.The purpose of this is to remind ourselves that everything is for God.We must offer every thought,every action,and every breath at His holy...

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Sep 06 2016

Having More and Being More

Pujya Swamiji teaches us about how we can be more than the baggage we hold in our lives. He says that people might buy material goods aiming to have more to fill the emptiness in their lives, but that never works. Having more isn't necessarily bad, but he encourages us to enjoy life. He encourages us to please God by realizing that it’s not you, but others who should be served. He also encourages us not to fall victim to desires that we lose peace and happiness. The truth of...

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Sep 04 2016

Staying Calm Amidst the Chaos/How to Live in Peace at Golden Bridge Yoga in New York, USA

Starting with a wonderful kirtan led by Shivali, prayers stunningly sung by Pujya Swamiji and a beautiful meditation led by Sadhvi Bhagawatji, they then lead a divine satsang at Golden Bridge Yoga in New York, USA. They discuss topics such as staying calm amidst the chaos, how to live in peace and with happiness, bringing love into our lives and the benefits of meditation....

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Sep 04 2016

Gaunts House Retreat – Satsang Part 12 – Meditation and Self Realisation

At their wonderful countryside retreat in Dorset, England, Pujya Swamiji & Sadhviji discusses whether we are able to experience the self after regular meditation practice and whether we should increase the length of meditation in order to reach self realisation. They discuss the power of meditation and use everyday comparisons to help demonstrate their messages....

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Sep 02 2016

Experiencing Our True Self / Maintaining Connection to the Divine / Pujya Swamiji’s Name

At their beautiful retreat in Dorset, England in July 2016, Pujya Swamiji & Sadhviji discusses how to experience the true self & the importance of it. Sadhviji also advises on how to maintain our connection to the Divine even when we are in our less spiritual, busy worlds outside of retreats and ashrams and away from our Guru. We end with Pujya Swamiji explaining his name and the meaning of it....

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